Seoul Early Childhood

Promotion Center

Joyful Encounter, Precious Discovery, Blissful Future

Developing and Spreading Early Childhood Programs and Educational
Developing Early Childhood Education Programs
Support educational fields with educational programs according to revised 2007 National Early childhood Education Curriculum.
Promoting creative educational activities.
Developing early childhood education programs.
Making web-based educational materials.
Supplying educational materials by revised 2007 Early Childhood National Curriculum.
Multi-media Processing Room
Improving teaching and learning methods by operating Multi-media Processing Room.
Promoting efficient publicity and management of individual kindergartens through supporting project for multi-media production.
Subject : Teachers, pre-service teachers, and early childhood educators.
Contents : Supplying various multi-media databases such as video clips of teaching lessons,
educational resources, kindergarten's orientation video clips, language arts such as
narratives/poem Various supports for production of multi-media resources.
How to access :
Free Lending Services of Educational Resources
Relieving teacher's heavy workload and developing effective educational activities by free lending services.
Reducing individual kindergarten's operating expenses.
Subject : Public and private kindergartens
Contents : Lending educational materials for free.
※Grant Happy-i point
How to access : Electronic document system of Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education.