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Support for In-service Teacher Program
Providing In-service Teacher Programs in Particular Areas
Fostering the competence for information technology of teachers.
Developing creative and qualified teaching through a differentiated teaching and learning method.
Contents: Point-granted program. 1 point per 15hours, 2points per 30hours
In-service Teacher Program by the teacher's position
Promoting the work performance by the teacher's differentiated position
Raising professionalism as professional educators
Contents : Leadership program, CEO program, administrator program, field study program,
program for lesson planning, safety education program, program for traditional
children's lyric songs, and in-service staff program etc.
Customized In-service Teacher Program
Various opportunities for in-service programs reflecting the needs of teachers
Promoting educational effects by increasing opportunities for teachers to participate in teacher-centered in-service programs.
Contents : The role of parents, child-care information, and disciplines.
Parents Program
Promoting the Knowledge of the role of parents and early childhood education.
Leading the change of the recognition toward early childhood education through the parents program.
Contents : The role of parents, child-care information, and disciplines.
Field Support Program
Promoting programs by reflecting the needs of teachers.
Improving the quality of teaching and learning by offering core in-service programs.
Subject :Individual kindergartens or kindergarten teachers as a group of a district.
e-cyber Program
Making e-cyber teacher program