Seoul Early Childhood

Promotion Center

Joyful Encounter, Precious Discovery, Blissful Future

Support for researches on early Childhood education
Professional Learning Community for teachers
Promoting autonomous research atmosphere for teachers
Developing potential ability of teachers through the professional learning community activities
Contents: Support teacher's professional development toward teaching and learning,
researches, and special skills(Grant Happy-i points according to the number of times of
Funding for teacher's professional learning community
Freshen Up! Action Research of teachers
Investigating efficient ways for early childhood Education Policies
Searching for solutions and alternatives toward current issues in early childhood education.
Area: Curriculum, Discipline, Management/administration, and main subjects of The Seoul
Metropolitan Office of education.
Funding for action researches
Providing Open Educational Resources
Supporting teaching and learning through shared information and the provision of educational research sources
Improving teacher's professionalism by providing the most up-to-date educational information
Available print out or PDF files from the National Digital Library
Access and check-out the educational books, databases, children books, and articles
Operating SOS On-line Counseling
Cyber room for children, and teachers
Sand-play therapy for children with special need children with special needs
Montessori program for developmenally challenged children
Counseling service for children(sand-play therapy)
Counseling service for parents(child-care issues)
Counseling service for teachers(kindergarten curriculum, generally childhood education and special education)